Volunteer Spotlight

Nacogdoches Treatment Center's first quilting group formed in 1978. This program is still going strong today thanks to the wonderful ladies who freely dedicate their time and efforts. Below is an introduction to our quilters!
Volunteer quilter, Jody Worsham, smiles for the camera.

Jody Worsham
Volunteer Experience: 42 years

Quilting Story: I have been quilting for 50 years. My mother-in-law first got me interested, and I am still learning every day!

Favorite Memory: The camaraderie. Plus, Nacogdoches Treatment Center is the only place for my adult son who has brain damage.

Volunteer quilter, Ziana Boudria, smiles for the camera.

Ziana Boudria
Volunteer Experience: 26 years

Quilting Story: I worked at the Center for nine years as a secretary and bookkeeper. Virginia Worsham, the quilting coordinator at NTC at the time, taught me to quilt. I have been doing it ever since!

Favorite Memory: Too many to list, but the annual bazaar is great. The quilters are a wonderful group of ladies to spend time with, too.

Volunteer quilter, Cue Boleyn, smiles for the camera.

Cue Boleyn
Volunteer Experience: 21 years

Quilting Story: I first started quilting 22 years ago. I've been teaching myself ever since.

Favorite Memory: Making friends!

Volunteer quilter, Linda K. Gilpatrick, smiles for the camera.

Linda K. Gilpatrick
Volunteer Experience: 16.5 years

Quilting Story: After I moved to Nacogdoches as a child, my grandmother would mail me squares for 9-patch blocks. I began calling myself a quilter in 1984 after taking lap quilting classes in Houston.

Favorite Memory: The ladies here are the finest, sweetest in the county. They'll always be my favorite memory.

Volunteer quilter, Martha Rudisill, smiles for the camera.

Martha Rudisill
Volunteer Experience: 5 years

Quilting Story: I have been quilting for 45 years now. I always sewed and made my children’s clothing. When they went to junior high, I worked at a quilt shop and was hooked.

Favorite Memory: The good, funny times here with the ladies in our group.

Volunteer quilter, Patsy Barton, smiles for the camera.

Patsy Barton
Volunteer Experience: 2 years

Quilting Story: I watched both my mother and grandmother quilt. I've been doing it myself for 50 years now.

Favorite Memory: I have learned a lot from the other quilters. It is a wonderful place to volunteer, and it’s a great organization.

Volunteer quilter, Linda Parish, smiles for the camera.

Linda Parish
Volunteer Experience: 6 months

Quilting Story: I sewed Barbie doll clothes when I was young. I started quilting, though, as a newlywed because I needed a gift for my cousin who was expecting her first baby. I used scraps from my mom and mother-in-law, as well as a Noah's Ark pattern my neighbor gave me.

Favorite Memory: I enjoy laughing with my quilting friends while we are working on our quilts.

Volunteer quilter, Susan Ross, smiles for the camera.

Susan Ross
Volunteer Experience: Two months

Quilting Story: I have been quilting for 30 years. I received a baby quilt and loved it, so I started making them. I've learned by trial and error...lots of error!

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